Les deux petits forts

Voorjaarsbloei 3.jpg

The interior of the French fort house (87)

Le Petit Fort Fleuri is an detached four-story fort house for two to five adults, or for a family with a few children.

Ground floor:

On the street side is the kitchen situated:

Keuken 4 Keuken 1

At the rear, on the same floor, is the living room, overlooking the lower terrace garden, the old railway bridge and woods:

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Sous sol 1:

Through the staircase you reach one floor down


The spacious bathroom with sink / hip bath and toilet:

Badkamer%20toilet.JPG Badkamer%201%20g.jpg

and a double bedroom with a view of the lower garden:

Slaapkamer%201%20g.jpg Slaapkamer%201%20uitzicht%20g.jpg

Sous sol 2

One more floor down is a second bedroom, also overlooking the garden. In this room there are two single beds, that are placed next to each other (80 x 1.90). On the same floor is a side room with another single bed. These rooms can be closed off with doors. Deze beide ruimtes kunnen met deuren van elkaar worden afgesloten.

Slaapkamer%202%20g.jpg Foto's%2022-5-2013%20118.JPG Zijkamer.jpg

Sous sol 3

Another floor down is the storage cellar, where an external stone staircase leads to the garden.

The garden is only accessible via the narrow path from the street when rented.