Les deux petits forts

Voorjaarsbloei 1.jpg

The garden of the French fort house (87)

The lower terrace garden is accessible through the basement, but also via a narrow path from the street.


Rotanstoelen zitje Foto's februari 2011.jpg

With good weather there is always sun somewhere in the garden after 12 o’clock until sunset. Part of the garden is a kitchen garden. There is also plenty of pasture.

Tuin met zwembad Doorkijk tuin

There are several fruit trees.

Voorjaarsbloei Tuin 4 Schuurtje

You have a panoramic view of the woods across the road and of the old railway bridge, where a slow train passes by about ten times a day.


And of the ever-changing cloud formations from clear blue to golden yellow and red:

Tuin%20uitzicht%20op%20zonsondergang%20g.jpg IMG_0303

In short, a great place to read a book or to dream away with the twitter of birdsong on the background.